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Private fee schedule 

We do our utmost to ensure that you understand the cost of your treatment and are happy with the outcome.

We recommend that private patients consider joining our Denplan Payment Plan.



Full new patient consultations (excluding x-rays)

Othodontic Consultaion (15 min)





Routine recall examination £65.00

Hygienist visit (1/2 hour) 


Tooth whitening (whole mouth tray system) £309.75

Tooth whitening (one arch tray system)

Zoom inhouse tooth whitening




Small silver amalgam filling from £70.90
Small composite filling (white) from £75.00
Large silver amalgam filling from £147.60
Large composibte filling (white) from £151.30
Desensitising treatment per tooth £18.90

Crown and Bridgework

Porcelain veneer from £605.90
Porcelain inlay from £633.20
Gold inlay from £633.20
Empress porcelain crown from £791.80
Porcelain bonded to gold crown from £791.80
Adhesive bridge (per tooth) from £791.80
Porcelain bonded to gold bridge (per tooth) from £791.80
Post retention or core build up from £112.35

Root canal therapy

Incisor from £300.30
Premolars from £435.80
Molars from £506.20


Single tooth implant from £3,150.00
Bar retained denture (2 implants) from £5,750.00


Patial denture  from £620.23
Full set of injection molded dentures with advanced teeth (upper or lower) from £679.24
Full set of injection moulded dentures with advanced teeth from £1,297.80
Partial chrome dentures from £874.28

Oral Surgery

Tooth extraction from £148.90
Surgical extraction from £254.20

Childrens dentistry

Examination from £41.50
Filling in milk tooth from £62.16
Filling in permanent tooth as for adult
Fisure sealant from £28.35
Sports mouth guard from £61.00